Latest XP Themes

Dec 3, 2012
Xbox Visual Style
Get your PC in the gaming mood with this awesome 3D Xbox theme. Nice use of dark colors mixed with...
Nov 30, 2012
Lara Croft Eyes
Laura Croft of Tomb Raider fame is watching you through your XP Boot screen.
Nov 29, 2012
Kelly Shines
Beautiful Kelly Shines making a big splash as Your XP system boots up.
Nov 29, 2012
Meditating Skeleton
Check out this XP Boot screen showing a meditating skeleton who seems to be floating on a sheet of...
Nov 29, 2012
XP Scorpion
This XP Boot screen shows a metallic mechanical black scorpion - Don't look away for fear of being...
Nov 29, 2012
Cold Glance
Look at these sexy blue eyes staring at you every time you Boot your Windows XP system - Are you...
Nov 29, 2012
A wizard in a floating orb tries to reason with a giant dragon in this mystical Boot screen.
Nov 29, 2012
Sea Rock
A rock appears in the middle of the ocean. Storm clouds seem to be blowing away making room for a...
Nov 29, 2012
Longhorn XP
XP Boot screen made with the Windows Longhorn logo.
Nov 29, 2012
Claudia Schiffer
Famous German model Claudia Schiffer makes Booting your system a lot better than staring at that...
Nov 29, 2012
Tropical Sunset
Beautiful sunset over a tropical island - Not sure where it is, but I sure would like to be there!
Nov 29, 2012
A Boot screen based on the Atari logo.
Nov 29, 2012
Original Windows XP
This package contains the original Microsoft Windows XP Boot screen without any changes in the (...
Nov 29, 2012
Nasty Smiley
A blue smiley XP Boot screen with a nasty twist.
Nov 29, 2012
Padded Room
XP Boot screen showing a series of cubes laid out to make a padded room.
Nov 29, 2012
Cool Anime Xp Boot screen
Nov 29, 2012
Matrix Reloaded
Follow up XP Boot screen to The Matrix - This time Neo is back in The Matrix Reloded.
Nov 29, 2012
Presidential Seal Warning
Make your friends think about who they are messing with when they look at your Boot screen - Are...
Nov 29, 2012
Homer Matrix
Very funny XP boot screen showing Homer Simpson dodging bullets Matrix style.
Nov 29, 2012
CIA Seal
Nobody will try to hack into your PC when they see this CIA Director boot screen sitting on your...