Latest XP Themes

Feb 26, 2013
LunaNet Beta 1.7
Inspired by screen shots of Office NGO and Longhorn
Feb 26, 2013
WinMatrix Demo Version
Visual Style featuring The Matrix
Feb 26, 2013
XP Mountain Theme
Modified:startpanel, captionbar, taskbar, closebuttons, shellstyle, Vertical taskbar, etc.
Feb 26, 2013
Kriss v6,1,0 10in1
Finaly KRISS WITH SHELL STYLES,enjoy. See the read me file for details.
Feb 26, 2013
Plasticaa - Final Cut
Radical Startpanel..plastic 3d in 8 colors. Whats new in Plasticaa (4.0) Final Cut: Tons of button...
Feb 26, 2013
Longhorn Sidebar Plex M4 Style
Skin for Longhorn Sidebar.
Feb 23, 2013
Longhorn Sidebar
Nice Windows XP Theme with a blue theme.
Feb 23, 2013
AquaStyle Dark is based on AquaStyle visual style. Two colours available, both with glass lucid...
Feb 23, 2013
Windows FX v1.8 Beta
A sleek windows Visual style with a couple backgrounds and some Icons.
Feb 23, 2013
Luna Glass Visual Style
A glassy look for the old school luna.
Feb 23, 2013
Longhorn Aero PDC v3
Includes 3 taskbar options: White Flag(Aero1) Aero Flag Plex Flag.
Feb 23, 2013
MS Blue
Light Blue Windows XP Visual Style.
Feb 23, 2013
Maxell Update 3
Maxell Visual Style: Now comes with shellstyles (only for Default, Scheme4 and Scheme7 color scheme...
Feb 23, 2013
Super light Visual Style
Based on MSN 6. Something different from corona for Windows XP.
Feb 23, 2013
Metallic Shades
A smooth metallic visual style with a choice of four colours (blue, green, purple, red), three font...
Feb 23, 2013
Macintosh Theme
Windows XP Theme featuring the Apple Mac logo.
Feb 23, 2013
TRON XP Visual Style
My Visual Style tribute to Disney's Classic Sci Fi Movie TRON.
Feb 23, 2013
Longhorn Visual Style
Longhorn Style.
Feb 23, 2013
Style based on Longhorn style and the WB Roadrunner.
Feb 23, 2013
Matrix Theme
Black, White and Green are main colors of this Matrix theme has the windows 95 look but still cool...