Latest XP Themes

Feb 22, 2013
Bluish Windows
Bluish XP bootscreen features a floating metalic blue XP logo.
Feb 22, 2013
Longhorn XP
An unoffical Microsoft Longhorn XP boot screen.
Feb 22, 2013
Copyright Destruction Zone
Copyright Destruction Zone xp bootscreen feature a construction sign during your XP bootup.
Feb 22, 2013
An angel appears out of the blue mist in this cool XP bootscreen.
Feb 22, 2013
Lightning Button
Blue XP bootscreen with a lightning Button.
Feb 22, 2013
Bubbles Login
Bubbles floating over a mysterious mountain range in the XP Login.
Feb 22, 2013
The nature login
Another XP Login with mountains and the ocean.
Feb 22, 2013
Nature Nice
Nice Nature Login.
Feb 22, 2013
Green Mountain Login
Green mountain XP Login.
Feb 22, 2013
Ocean Sunrise Login
XP Login showing a sunrise over the ocean.
Feb 22, 2013
Super green Nature
XP Login with a lush green mountain backdrop.
Feb 22, 2013
Nice Nature Login
Nice Nature Windows XP Login
Feb 22, 2013
Lush Landscape Login
XP Login featuring a lush landscape background.
Feb 22, 2013
Mysterious green world
XP Login seems to be set in the green mountain ranges on some mysterious planet.
Feb 22, 2013
Mountain Login
XP Login with mountains.
Feb 22, 2013
Scenic XP Login
Simple XP Login with 3 windows of mountains and a butterfly.
Feb 22, 2013
Stormy mountains XP Login
Beautiful scenic XP Login with showing a storm brewing in the mountains.
Feb 22, 2013
Ocean Dolphin Login
XP Login with two dolphins frolocking in the ocean.
Feb 22, 2013
XP Mountain Login
Beautiful mountains set behind the XP logo in this Windows XP Login.
Feb 22, 2013
Red Lightning Login
A red bolt of lightning streaks across your screen in this XP Login