Designer Themes

Feb 23, 2013
Maxell Update 3
Maxell Visual Style: Now comes with shellstyles (only for Default, Scheme4 and Scheme7 color scheme...
Feb 23, 2013
Metallic Shades
A smooth metallic visual style with a choice of four colours (blue, green, purple, red), three font...
Feb 20, 2013
Wooden Style
Wooden theme for Windows XP.
Feb 20, 2013
Designer Style
New XP Theme for windows in gray style (bases of a transparency).
Feb 17, 2013
Longhorn 4008
Ok so everyones heard about the longhorn leak. I prepared this theme based on Longhorn 4008. This...
Feb 17, 2013
AquaStyle 2.3 Colorpack
A complete colorpack. Finally the ColorPack comes with 10 different colorations with cool glass...
Feb 17, 2013
The FreeStyle Visual Style Has landed. Critically acclaimed as the most sleek and desirable visual...
Feb 17, 2013
Zion Final
Windows XP Visual Style with 10 colors each with a unique shellstyle
Feb 17, 2013
Longhorn Aero
Free Windows XP Visual style download with a blue/gray feel.
Feb 14, 2013
New XP Theme with a mecanicle firefly flying out of the fire.